More new listings :)

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two more of my new listings in my Etsy shop - this pretty much takes care of my inventory "stash" :)

I have been working on three more cards; one should be finished tonight and the other two should take a few more days.

I am thinking about re-arranging my crafting area set-up; it involves some major furniture moving and I am still not 100% after messing up my back 10 days ago. Old age... so NOT pretty! LOL... Jim offered to do it, but I feel bad about having him doing all the work (besides he does get freaked out whenever he comes closer than 4ft to all the wiring under the desk). I just have to take a few more Tylenol than usual and start moving things :)

I've got to take my 4hrs Algebra final - the joy! Actually, I love my Algebra class; I have learned lots of new things this term. Not sure how it will help me in the future - but the knowledge of it won't hurt!

And, to top the term: the Final Essay! The rough I had prepared for class peer review had over 800 words, and my final paper should have between 1,000 to 1,200 words. It should not be a problem :)

Well, got things to do; y'all be good now!


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