Funny weather we're having...

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

... here in East Tennessee!

The wind was blowing quite strong when I got off work last night, and it kept at it till about 3am. I was starting to wonder if one of the trees across the driveway might actually end up on top of my car! Now it's raining - started a few minutes ago, and it looks like it's going to put a crimp into my morning plans of shopping and stopping by the Post Office. LOL... It doesn't matter really, I've got to get things done this morning, even with 100% probability of rain :(

Coffee is waiting for me, and so is my cross-stitching... and my laundry... and my dishwasher...


Gone in a FLASH!

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

As I did my last post 5 hrs ago, I renewed one of my favorite cross-stitch cards: a whimsical little bee, atop a flower studded with French Knots. A colorful card and an adorable gift for someone you love! Well, it sold in a couple of hours and I know it in my heart it found a wonderful, loving home in London, United Kingdom!

We are two months away from Christmas, can you believe that...?! I am two cards away from finishing my Christmas cards order as well as the 3 bookmarks for my best friend. This weekend will be a most productive one in that aspect. I am glad I am not working any OT this weekend; being at home with Jim and cross-stitching is a whole lot more fun than working the production line, even at $24/hr! LOL

Time to brew myself a pot of coffee, start laundry, and watch the morning news - while keeping my hands busy :)

Y'all have a great day, and stay dry and warm!


Almost ready to turn in...

Been having an awful time at work this week: around 6pm I would get extremely dizzy, almost to the point of passing out. I am allowed by my team leaders to take a few minutes until I feel better, but sitting down when I am supposed to be working is just not my thing! I made sure that I was not dehydrated, also that my sugar levels were not getting low - still no real improvement...

Until this morning, when I decided to drink a cup of coffee. I was amazed to realize that I did not go through all those awful symptoms tonight - though I never thought that caffeine withdrawals would cause anything more than headaches. Guess I'll have to make sure I drink my coffee everyday, eh...? LOL

Well, it's time for me to attempt getting some rest. My knee is hurting less, I can walk almost normally, and I can put more weight on it that a week ago. Of course, the worn out cartilage will cause me future pain, but at this point I'm glad to be able to walk :)

Y'all have a good night and remember - "Fall Back" one hour this weekend :)


And the doctor said...

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

... that indeed there is some significant wear of cartilage in my right knee, plus my kneecap is about 1in higher than it's normal. X-rays showed nothing more than that, so he told me that a steroid shot might benefit me at this point - or at least make it more bearable.

So, I got a cortizone shot with a Novocaine chaser, and thank goodness it was in the same shot, because it hurt to tears! He gave me about 10 min, than had me walk around the office couple of times; I was actually able to put a bit of weight on that right knee for the first time in 10 days...

Bad news? The Novocaine only lasted for about an hour. Good news? If the steroids will work, I should be relatively pain-free for about 6 months. I have a follow-up appointment on November 9th; until then I need to "be mindful of how I walk"... Well, that will be interesting considering I work a production line... LOL

I still have to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen, but at least I am able to push it to every 7hrs instead of 4hrs, as I had to do last week. Jim got me a heating pad, and that helps a lot. My knee still "locks up" and hurts when I get up from a sitting position; hopefully that will go away in a few more days...

So, these are the news from my neck of the woods. Y'all have a good night now!


Most Precious Antique...

>> Sunday, October 25, 2009

Everyone has a friend more precious than anything we can think of, aside family - don't we...? Although this piece was created a couple of years ago, it was made with my best friend in mind - though she'd chase me for the rest of my days if she thought I was thinking of her as an "antique"... LOL

I am thankful to my dear, old friend - for always seeing the best in me, even in my not so bright moments. She's most certainly one of a kind!


Waiting just a little longer :(

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My appointment got re-scheduled - apparently, my doctor had to go in surgery this afternoon. So, I got bumped to Friday... Drats! My knee is not doing any better, no matter if I keep it straight or bended or elevated - not much helps... I woke up in pain about every hour last night, just to move around a bit so my knee get bit more comfortable - then I cannot fall asleep again. Got two Tylenol Arthritis and an Ibuprofen 3 hours ago. I'll go and take my Glucosamine pills, sometimes they offer some comfort...

Well, I'll go do some crafts - maybe will take my mind away from this painful mess...


Off to the doctor I go!

I was so glad to return to work last Monday! However, I have overestimated myself and underestimated the damage the steel grids will cause me. Needless to say, at the end of the week I could hardly walk on my right knee - unless I hold on to something.

I thought that by this Monday (and two days of rest...) I'll be good to go, and was seriously planning to be far kinder to my body. At least until I got used to walk for 8 straight hours on the grids. Well, my body refused to cooperate and I got sent to the company Doctor, which decided that I am to be on a medical leave this week. He also set me up with an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow. As far as he can say without X-Rays or MRI, is that all the pain is caused by a possible arthritic knee - worsened by 8 months of inactivity and weight gain... Well, duh - I did not need to pay a $20 co-pay to know that inactivity and extra pounds have a major say in what is going on with my knee...

Anyway... Tomorrow I will have either X-Rays or MRI to see the damage on my knee; I might need to have a steroid shot to reduce the inflamation. At this point, I am on an unpaid FMLA (unpaid because due to the furlough, I do not have the 1250hrs worked to get a paid FMLA). Plus, the hours I am missing will count against me, attendance-wise. Oh, the joy... Hopefully, they can patch me up and send me off to work :)


Flowers Collection and School

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have just finished relisting my "Flowers Collection". I particularly love Carnations - always did, even as a child. Only upon coming to the United States I have discovered that it also was my birthday flower, so to speak... Coincidence...? I think not!

I finally took got some sleep after dinner; I have been awake since 3:00am this morning, and after 8 tedious hours in Orientation, my brain was mush. Now, it's almost 1:00am and I am wide awake (and that is why I should be working 3rd shift, NOT 2nd shift. LOL

My sixth term starts tomorrow; I know I will love my Algebra class, my Dreamweaver/Web Design class will teach me a whole lot more about web designing that I know at this point. I am not quite sure what to expect of my Critical Thinking; I flipped through the book but nothing caught my attention. My eyes did not exactly glaze over, but almost... Oh, well... I will find out as soon as the course becomes available, in about 2 - 3 hrs.

Y'all have a great night :)


Orientation day!

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.
~ Mark Twain ~

So, today was my "Orientation Day" upon being recalled to work. As you can imagine, it was all dry and boring, until we got to work with gages and calipers and measure diameters in microns. That was awesome! Well, for me it was - but I am one of those strange people that love math, algebra & numbers! LOL

I have my job back, my health, dental and vision benefits, 401K, life insurance and other good stuff; the only thing I've got some problems with is working 2nd shift... I hate that! It's like wasting the day away... Hopefully, I can go to 3rd shift in a few weeks...

I'm off; I need to have some dinner - other than the can of Mt. Dew and 100 calories cookies I had at lunch... And I need a nice, hot cup of coffee, so I can fall asleep... LOL... Yeah, I know...


Pillow Trouble!

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

A couple years ago I've stitched a few toss pillow covers. Two of them, being smaller in size, I was able to finish - stuffing and all - and sold them in my Etsy shop with no problem. Today, I decided to finish the two toss pillows I have as well as the framed cross-stitch.

Well... The pillows are just NOT cooperating!! Either they are conspiring against me, or I've completely forgotten how to do this. Very aggravating, I assure you...

Of course, I could take the easy way and get some pillow forms and just stitch the cross-stitch pillow cover to its backing - but I cannot allow a couple of toss pillows to get the better of me... LOL

Coffee... I need coffee... Coffee will fix my dilemma :)


Back to Work I Go!

After few long months of furlough, I have been recalled to work to JTEKT. Monday is the orientation, then it is back on the 3rd shift. That part is good; the 10hrs shifts and working in Assembly - not so much. LOL

I will most likely have to drop my Critical Thinking class until next term, though I much rather have a full class load... I will see how it works in about two or three weeks.

Well, I'm off to work on Dianna's custom order; the weather has been so gloomy that it took the wind out of my wings :(


My Bookmark in a Flickr Gallery

>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sometimes, the surprises keep on coming... LOL

I started reading my email 15 min ago, and came upon a message notifying me that one of my bookmarks was added to a Flickr Gallery... I wasn't even aware one can do that on Flickr... LOL

Although the bookmark has sold last week, and can only be replaced after Betty and Dianna's custom orders are delivered/shipped out, you can check it out here "Bookmarks in cross stitch". The rest of my bookmarks can be seen here "Bookmarks by FarAway Designs".

I hope it shows up for y'all, without needing a Flickr account (I know I have seen other people posting Flickr links to albums and such - but then, I know little about it...)
Well, I am off to work on my custom orders.


My Bookmark Made It in the Bookmark Collector!

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good morning y'all! I woke up this morning feeling a bit funky... Could be the flu, could be the gloomy weather, could be the lack of caffeing in my bloodstream - who knows... LOL

Checking my GA this morning, I came upon a link I have never seen before, so I've decided to check it out and TA DA! one of my bookmarks got a mention on the Front Page of "Bookmark Collector" (under Bookmarks For Sale > Etsy) How cool is THAT...?!?

Well, off I go - got lots to do today, starting with a trip to the Post Office.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Psychology Discussion

>> Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last week of this term, and one of the discussion topics is "Is it ethical to genetically design a child for artistic, athletic or academic achievements"? Let me tell you, it stirred quite a debate in class! Most people say that genetics should only be used to correct health/medical issues. Others think that, as long as the technology is there, why should we not use it to create a Beethoven or a Mozart or another Einstein...

What do you think...?


So unhappy...

...with my computer!

I had to turn in my Illustrator Final yesterday - and what do you know...? Darn thing would not work with the program! Everytime I made an attempt at applying Shape Modes, the program would freeze then crash... I had to create two more files to add to my Final folder, and NOTHING!! Grrrrrr... I could only turn in the JPG files - no AI nor EPS files. My grade is going to be so messed up :(

I am SO ready for vacation! LOL


New listings

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

Good morning, y'all :)

You can find my newest listings HERE and HERE. I have a couple of relistings, too if you care to check them out. My shop got a bit busy, all of a sudden - my inventory goes out far faster than I am able to replenish it! Yeah, I know it's a good thing - but it takes days to replace something that sold in matter of minutes! Plus, I have lots of custom orders to take care off before inventory... Sigh...

I've got only 3 more days of this school term, then it's vacation time! As you can see from the above statements, I'll be far to busy to rest. Though I am thrilled to start working with Dreamweaver, scary as it is...


Friendship Cake

>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

A delicious recipe - save it, print it, have a slice or two each day!

1 cup of greeting
1/2 cup of smiles
1 large handshake
2/3 cup of love
1 tsp sympathy
2 cup of hospitality

Cream greetings and smiles thoroughly.
Add handshake separately.
Slowly stir in love.
Sift sympathy and hospitality and fold in carefully.
Bake in warm heart.
Serve often.


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