And the doctor said...

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

... that indeed there is some significant wear of cartilage in my right knee, plus my kneecap is about 1in higher than it's normal. X-rays showed nothing more than that, so he told me that a steroid shot might benefit me at this point - or at least make it more bearable.

So, I got a cortizone shot with a Novocaine chaser, and thank goodness it was in the same shot, because it hurt to tears! He gave me about 10 min, than had me walk around the office couple of times; I was actually able to put a bit of weight on that right knee for the first time in 10 days...

Bad news? The Novocaine only lasted for about an hour. Good news? If the steroids will work, I should be relatively pain-free for about 6 months. I have a follow-up appointment on November 9th; until then I need to "be mindful of how I walk"... Well, that will be interesting considering I work a production line... LOL

I still have to take Tylenol and Ibuprofen, but at least I am able to push it to every 7hrs instead of 4hrs, as I had to do last week. Jim got me a heating pad, and that helps a lot. My knee still "locks up" and hurts when I get up from a sitting position; hopefully that will go away in a few more days...

So, these are the news from my neck of the woods. Y'all have a good night now!


Faerie Moon Creations October 26, 2009 at 8:42 AM  

Oh wow - I'm so sorry that you're having problems with your knee! I've have cortisone injections before, and they are NOT fun! I had wondered why they had an ice bag near by; and when the doctor removed the needle, I completely understood why. The pain was like nothing I'd ever experienced before!!!
I do wish you well!!!

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