And I had to do it AGAIN!

>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My computer just does not feel like cooperating as the civilized machine it should be. Last Friday, after a Windows update, it decided to lose the Internet connection. After one hour with a Charter tech, I knew that the modem was working perfectly - but still had no Internet connection. Cable was working fine; wireless was working fine - but still no connection between my modem and my computer.

Drats! I still had homework to upload to my Dropbox, so I was quite peeved. Fortunately, my other computer was working good on the wireless connection, so my 650 words essay had to be completed and sent in from there. Don't much like to work from my wireless: even when it had a great connection, it's still a bit less responsive than this one is.

Charter was here yesterday; replaced my modem with a newer version and spent almost two hours trying to fix my "baby". No luck there! He could not even make my computer recognize the IP address he manually entered. There was nothing left to do but do a second recovery in 10 days. So, it better behave from now on... LOL


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