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>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

There has been a lot of news coverage on a particular car maker's woes with their cars suddenly accelerating. SUA or Sudden Unintended Acceleration is actually nothing new. It's been going on for decades and not just in cars. We have SUA in our lives when things speed up out of control.

Experts suggest these steps if you experience SUA. As I analyzed the suggestions, they don't just apply to uncontrolled and unintended car acceleration, but these steps apply when things speed out of control in all areas of life.

1. Practice Deliberate Calm

Survivors of major disasters had this one trait in common. They didn't panic. This is the first major rule; stay calm, think and don't do something rash and unwise. Practice deliberate calm.

2. Don't turn off the engine.

The engine provides power to the power steering and brakes. If you turn off the engine, braking and steering become much harder. In life, when situations suddenly change speed, we can be tempted to simply turn off the engine. If something happens at our job that we don't like, we quit. If something happens in our marriage that we don't like, we quit. If something happens in our church that we don't like, we stop going to church. We turn off the engine.

3. Carefully press and hold the brakes.

Do not pump the brakes; press firmly with both feet on the brake. Changing speed and direction often takes time and considerable steady effort. The results of panic or emotion can be inconsistent stops and starts. When we have a health scare we start to eat right and exercise, then a few weeks later we stop. We pump the brakes but don't apply steady and consistent pressure and effort.

4. Shift into neutral.
Disengage from the thing that is causing so much havoc if possible. So many negative situations would be eliminated by the simple act of saying "No!"

5. Move safely into a side lane.
Many situations do require that we exit them when it is safe and wise to do so. When you practice deliberate calm, you can best determine when that time comes for you to shift lanes.

Follow the five rules above whenever you experience Sudden Unintended Acceleration - your life will Thank you for it!


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