The Neighbors!

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sometimes I really wonder about the three young men that live in the duplex next to mine. No older than 25, all three driving loud sport-type cars that they love revving up at 3:30am, with a predilection for living a nocturnal life... Up until a month ago, they were practicing their skateboarding "tricks" at 11:30pm; I had to ask them repeatedly to stop skating under my office window at such a late hour... Their short term memory is quite possibly shot, because they would do the same thing the following night, at the same late hour! LOL

Well, early yesterday morning I finished working on some school stuff about 2am. I still had to process some photos for a couple new cross-stitch card listings, but I was going to do it after I had a nap. I woke up around 4am, and I had no Internet connection! I checked the phone and the cable TV - they worked fine. When the Internet problems were still present at 10am, I called for service - and they schedule me for FRIDAY, August 28th! I think not! After stating my opinion to a supervisor about such delayed service, I get re-scheduled for same afternoon between 3:30pm and 4:30pm. That's more like it, I said to myself :)

After the two guys checked my modem and my inside wiring, they went outside only to discover that my cable had been spliced, to provide cable access to the apartment next door! I was shocked, to say the least: I have heard of things like these happen, but I always thought that the people around me (even my very young neighbors) would have more integrity. Apparently not! The cable guys fixed the problem, cut off the next door spliced connection - then went next door to let the boys know that the law takes matters like these seriously and they might end up in jail, if this happens again. They boys denied doing it, of course - but the cable guys had no doubt that they were the "criminals"... LOL... And for what...? All I have is Basic cable "no frills, no thrills". That really amused me, but it aggravated me, too. So, now I am debating if I should inform my landlady about this; I have never told her about the nocturnal skateboarding incidents, after all... Oh well, I'll give it some thought...


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