The "Palm Tree" series - cross-stitch cards and framed art

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

Symbol of heaven, of peace and plenty, as well as rest and hospitality, palm leaves found their way into many cultures and decorate many homes. Stitched with soft shades of olive greens and browns, this are must-have cards - to keep or give away! To check out the detailed stitches, go to my Etsy shop and check the close-up.

The back of the stitching does not show. The inside of the card is white and has been left blank for a personal message. The card measures 4.5 by 6 in.

Palm trees and palm leaves have always fascinated me; maybe it is their deeply spiritual meaning, as they seemed to have found their way into many cultures and religions. Or maybe it was the sense of total peace I got when looking at their beautiful and intricate shapes. I am not really sure what was the real reason , but after I've moved into my place, I have decorated my master bedroom with a palm tree "theme" - and always found it very calming.
I have a few more pieces in the "Palm Tree" series; they will be posted here as I list them in my shop.


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