>> Monday, May 18, 2009

I am done with Art History! I could dance with joy, let me tell you! I've got 10 days of vacation, then I start again on the 27th. This term I have College Writing I (ENG121), Digital Illustration/Adobe Illustrator(GD 211) and my absolute favorite, College Algebra I (MTH110).

Nothing else notable, not really... The little garden Jim planted for me on Mother's Day is doing well, although the rabbits have discovered my young sunflower seedlings and chomped off all the tender leaves. Jim planted some more seeds this afternoon, and covered them with a plastic mesh - at least until they grow more. My bellpeppers are starting to grow, and the tomatoes are doing good. Thank goodness for all the rains we had - it did wonders for all the vegetable gardens in the area.

Well, I'm done with the computer for the night - it's time for some relaxing cross-stitching :)


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