Last week of school - YIPPEEE!

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is finally the last week of this term - then I have 10 glorious days of vacation! Well, not really - I have to re-work some of my Image Editing lessons, just for good measure and practice. Who was it that said "Practice makes perfect"...? They were so right!

I am so happy to be done with my Art History class; with any luck, I will never have to deal with this instructor - ever again! My final paper, due last week, was on "William Bouguereau and the idealized female form in the 19th Century'. Now, seriously - I'm just a plain ol' gal from East Tennessee, what do I know about the "idealized female form in the 19th Century"...? Not much! Hopefully, after I worked on that paper for two weeks, I'll get enough credit to pass this class. LOL

My last posted cards in my
Etsy shop seemed to have been a success - I sold two the same day they got posted! I wish I would have known about this long ago; most of my cross-stitched items were gifted to family and friends, even if they didn't really liked them as much as I did! Oh, well... LOL Here are a few of them:


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