Physical therapy

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Five weeks after slipping on a puddle of oil at work, my back is still a mess. It actually hurts worse now than a few weeks ago... We've tried conservative treatment, we've tried Biofreeze, we've tried a series of exercises meant to strengthen abdominal and back muscles... Nothing has helped so far, so the nurse at work sent me to start physical therapy. After the assessment, Danny hooked me up to a neat little device and placed some pads on my lower back - then the fun began! Creepy-crawly sensation that lasted 15min! Thank goodness I was laying down on the heat pad! Almost fell asleep :)

I have two more appointments this week: Thursday at 9am and Friday at 9:30am... This week we started working a 9hrs shift, which means by 7am I'm pooped, so going to therapy will end up in my falling asleep, at some point. Oh, well - they'll wake me up when time is up :)


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