>> Saturday, February 6, 2010

I have found the sentiment on the die cut I've used on this card simply delightful - and so befitting my best friend! So, I've decided to take it out of my shop and send it to her, a "just because" occasion :)

Last night I've worked on a few new cards and tonight will be most likely spent in a similar fashion. I might work on my cross-stitch cards rather than the paper craft cards, but I will keep busy.

It got pretty cold outside, after the rain stopped late last night. We have a day to attempt drying out, then we'll get more rain. All would be great, if only the variations in temperatures wouldn't drive my whole body batty. I feel a cold coming and I'm not happy about it - it saps all my energy!

My physical therapist has changed my exercise regimen, in an attempt to alleviate this persistent back pain. He now thinks that added to the muscle strain after the fall 6 weeks ago, I could have a pinched nerve somewhere. Trouble is the pain is going down the back of my right tight and my toes are numb 75% of the time...


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