Taking care of myself :)

>> Monday, February 1, 2010

My plant decided to sponsor us in enrolling in WeightWatchers and I've decided to enroll. We are having weekly meetings and they will - of course - weigh us in every week... They provide us with items we can - or not - purchase to assist us in our learning better & healthier eating habits, and ultimately, our weight loss. Now, I'm not hoping that I will get to my high school graduation (before getting married and having two children...) weight. But for my well being, I can stand to lose a few pounds...

So, I'm off to read again my booklets and learn about all the foods and the points. It might be bit boring in the beginning, but from skimming through the booklet, the food follows common sense principles: you reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat, increase the amount of fiber and water, and you will lose weight. So, I'll let you know next Monday how things are going :)


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