Ready for Christmas...?

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, I'm not! Looking forward to Christmas shutdown on the 24th. We will have 10 days off to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, and then it will be going back. Quite possibly, after the 1st of the year I will go back to working 3rd shift - which is much better for me, especially when my February/March school term starts :)

We had some peculiar weather 'round here - it was (and still is...) in the high 50s temp; for the last two days we've had a warm drizzle (not quite sure what happened to the cold and the snow... Don't get me wrong, I love the warmer temps, but it just does not look like Christmas when it rains outside!

I have been trying to replenish my shop, but it seems I am too tired to focus on that, no matter how much coffee I ingest, I cannot stay awake long enough to do anything of any importance. Oh, well, hopefully I'll feel better in 10 days (yep, I am counting down the days to shutdown... LOL) Tomorrow night I will get out my Christmas tree, and attempt to get it decorated before Christmas...

Well, I'll get going - y'all stay warm and enjoy your Christmas celebrations :)


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