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>> Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love Winter and Christmas time! I am lucky enough to live in an area of East TN where it does not snow too much, or gets extremely cold - and I like it that way :)

I was able to stitch these little beauties - as well as a few others - during our Thanksgiving long weekend. "Mistletoe" has a few pearly white seed beads; "Snow Happens" just makes me laugh each time I look at it.

The plant seems to be getting ready for the new Chrysler and Nissan lines we will be getting after the 1st of the year. One of the five machining lines is completely done with the Lexus production, while a second machining line will be moved half-way across the plant and combined with another smaller line, so that the Camry production will come from one line only. The move will start December 19th, last weekend before the Christmas shutdown and should be completed before we return to work January 4th. Hopefully, things will go smoothly - a move like this can set us back due to engineering being unable to reprogram the machines... LOL

Well, I will return now to my coffee and my stitching. Y'all be good now :)


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