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>> Monday, September 21, 2009

Here are my latest cards, completing the Aqua & Brown/Get Well collection. They can be found HERE and HERE.

It's a drab, rainy day here in East Tennessee; it rained most of the night and it looks as if it will start again. We have been under a Flood Watch/Advisory since 11pm Sunday night... I wonder if I should get my boat ready...?

Week 7 ended pretty good; I had to create an original mock up for either a beverage product or a video game. Obviously, not being a video game type person, I choose to create a beverage label/package mock up. Of course I selected COFFEE, is there any other beverage as perfect as that...?? I think not! I had to do a sketch, hand drawn sketch - that's even worrse than Illustrator. LOL... I have to work on perfecting it in Illustrator, though I am having some trouble deciding on the right kind of fonts right now.

This week, I have to critique the work of 3 of my classmates - I hate doing that, I just do! It's hard telling someone that what you see it's not what they saw when they did the layout... Ughh


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